175th Anniversary

Zion Evangelical Church Philipsburg     1843-2018

2018 marks the 175th Anniversary of our Congregation. We are excited to celebrate this incredible milestone. Events will be held throughout the year to commemorate this Anniversary. This is a brief summary of the events and dates:

History Day – Sat. March 24th  (10am-2pm) Take a tour of the Church, view historical displays and artifacts of the Church and the village of Philipsburg.
Confirmation Reunion – Sun. April 29th (10:30am) Gather your Confirmation Class friends together and enjoy a special Worship service.
Concert with Katie Ditschun – Sun. May 6th (2-4pm) Sit back and enjoy singer/songwriter and Jazz performer Katie.
175th Anniversary Service – Sun. June 10th (10:30am) Special worship service. Guests will include our Bishop The Rev. Michael Pryse, former Pastors, members, friends, relatives and neighbors of Zion. Lunch to follow Worship service.
Cemetery Decoration Service – Sun. Sept. 23rd (10:30am)
Musical Afternoon with Chris & Dianne  – Sat. October 20th (2-4pm)
Christmas Recital – Sun. Dec. 9th (2-4pm) featuring Charlene Nafziger and Trevor Wagler